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Stadtkind Photography | www.stadtkindphotography.com

Leah Joseph is a creative partnership between husband and wife team Leah and Joseph Smith. Jump fun Jump is our first publication and we hope your family enjoys it.

Like many parents, we love reading with our girls. Their books are scattered throughout our house; many are fanciful with imaginative characters and tales, and after years of enjoying them we decided to make our own. We love fantastical books, but we've become interested in creating stories and images that more directly reflect children's experiences. Watching our oldest daughter having fun running, jumping, and hanging inspired us. She would imagine herself flying, or as a swinging monkey. We decided to make a very simple book about that: everyday play.

We plan to continue creating simple, fun, easy-to-read children's books that celebrate the everyday adventures kids love.



Leah Smith is a mom, former educator, and Portland expat who currently lives in Maryland with her family; though she dreams of moving back to Oregon some day. She spends most of her time creating adventures for her two children, photographing their special moments, and writing about their fun times together. She is a proud grammar nerd which is great for her husband who is challenged on that front.

Joseph Smith is a dad, designer, and teller of bad jokes. He is passionate about his family, loves architecture, and believes he is funny... though his oldest daughter lets him know he is not (most of the time). He spends a great deal of his life riding trains which provides time to write, draw, and watch the world fly by. He also has the absolute worst handwriting in the world.

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